future graduate of Boston College

"I dreaded the college process because I knew of students who had better grades than me and didn’t get into schools such as UC Davis, UCI, etc.  I didn’t have a specific college I really wanted to get into, so I sought consulting to get an overall better idea of what kind of school I would be able to get into with my grades and extracurricular activities.  Eddie and his team helped me enormously with my essays and through the process every step of the way."

future graduate of MIT

"I was confident I had the ability to get into good schools, due to the activities I did, but I was unsure if I knew enough about the application process to successfully accomplish that goal.  The information given was very clear, and helped me understand what colleges were looking for—I was able to tailor what I put into my application a lot more specifically to the schools I was applying to.  Eddie helped push my essays in a much better direction than if I had done them all on my own and I was admitted early to my first choice school."

future graduate of Carnegie Mellon

"Applications are a multistep process and working with someone who cares about the personal details—who you are, what you want to do—and is able to provide individualized advice makes the process a lot less stressful.  Working with LCC was a valuable experience I’d recommend to pretty much anyone in need of college guidance.  I firmly believe that without Eddie’s help I probably would not have done as well on my college applications."

future graduate of Cornell

"The college admission process seemed really vague and I had no idea what the colleges wanted and how to get started.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of work that I’d have to put into researching colleges and writing essays.  With LCC, my essays were made stronger, the process was less stressful and I was admitted to higher-ranked schools than I expected."

mother of UC Berkeley student

"Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us.  My son couldn't have gotten this far without your advise and support…you truly care about the students who you dedicate your time and thoughts to.  I will definitely recommend LCC to my friends because I believe that they will benefit from your guidance as have we."

future graduate of UCLA

"The process of writing essays was broken down into steps by LCC, which truly alleviated my anxiety.  Each step, I worked with a writer.  I experienced some struggling moments because of my language barrier.  I was not sure whether I could go through the whole process with a happy ending, even having done all work with my utmost efforts.  LCC assisted me to master the difficulties and even turn them into my strengths.  At the end, I received a surprising but satisfying outcome: admitted by all schools I applied to."


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