Extracurricular Profile Consulting (Pre-Seniors)

Creating a solid, unique personal profile throughout high school is essential to succeeding in admission to top-tier schools. We begin building toward this goal by first determining what exactly you’re passionate about — not interested in casually, but what you truly, deeply love to do. We build the profile around this passion and direct it toward impressive, creative activities.

Through research assistantships, independent projects, and competitive summer programs, we work together to produce not just a well-rounded resume, but also a single activity that stands out among other applicants. In a visual metaphor, we make you “round with pointy parts.” We work on the Extracurricular Profile throughout the year, developing both in-school and off-campus activities. Of course, summer is the time to fully attack the activities, and we begin working on summer applications as early as December.

Some examples of past programs, projects, and placements:

  • SRI – Research Science Institute (MIT)
  • SSP – Summer Science Program (CalTech)
  • TASP – The Telluride Scholars Program
  • BLIPS – Berkeley Lab Internships for Pre-Collegiate Scholars
  • National Institutes of Health Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research
  • Stanford Earth Sciences Summer Internship Program
  • CSSSA – The California State Summer School for the Arts
  • SIMR – Stanford Institutes of Medicine Research Program
  • YEAH – Young Entrepreneurs at Haas
  • SUMaC – Stanford U. Mathematics Camp
  • PROMYS Mathematics Program
  • Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology (UPenn)
  • Ross Mathematics Program
  • Iowa Young Writers Studio
  • The Clark Scholars Program
  • Research work with faculty in all academic areas. Papers published in Economics, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Numerous 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations created
  • Internships with members of Congress
  • Internship as reader of new manuscripts at publishing house
  • Internship (in Statistics) analyzing college basketball game film for NBA team